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armadillo grill
armadillo grill

Swing by the Armadillo Grill along with all the locals for terrific and inexpensive Tex-Mex food. Be sure to try their locally famous soft tacos and absolutely say yes to their renowned queso dip. And here’s a little known fact: they make fresh tortillas for each order. When you have your food, sally up to the salsa bar and enjoy as much salsa as you like, also made every morning from fresh produce.

Armadillo Grill
120 East Main St.
(919) 929-4669

Carrboro Beverage Company
Photo courtesy of The Carrboro Citizen

If you’re looking for a special micro-brew soda or beer, this charming shop is the place for you. Have a beer from the tap while you browse the great selection at this top-notch store. Some Carrborites simply call this place Tyler’s Bottle Shop, but whatever you call it, it’s a fun place to browse and shop, in part because you can buy or request nearly any beer available in North Carolina par acheter cialis en ligne.

Carrboro Beverage Company
102-A East Main St.
(919) 942-3116


711 West Rosemary St.
(919) 933-8226

Carrburritos is a local institution, serving up generous and reasonably priced portions of Mexican food. Make sure to try their famous flour tortilla chips and sample their six different salsas. Like most things Carrboro, everything here is made fresh, in-house everyday and receives rave reviews from locals. Come check out the food, the scene and their cozy outdoor patio.


106 South Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC 27510
(919) 967-9784

A wine bar, wine shop, and restaurant all under one roof, they successfully combine big-city sophistication with small-town hospitality. This lively restaurant is a great place to meet friends for either a drink and a bite or a delicious bottle of wine and a full dinner… And do ask Mickey or Jim in the wine shop to recommend wines in any price range. They have tasted them all and will help you discover something you’ll love.

miel bon bons
miel bon bons

Carrboro has been called the Paris of the Piedmont, so it’s no surprise that we have our very own Parisian-style shop where unique chocolates and pastries (and custom cakes) are made fresh daily. Owner and pastry chef Bonnie Lau trained in Paris, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. Settle underneath her French chandeliers and enjoy her handmade treats that incorporate exotic flavors including citron coriander, Ceylon tea, cayenne, sea salt, and whisky. Or try her homemade French macaroons, incredible pastries, or crème brulee. Whatever your indulgence, you’re in for a treat.

Miel Bon Bons
Carr Mill Mall
(919) 967-2313


307 East Main St
(919) 968-2460

Enter into a land of Belgian-inspired food (try the fries!) of generous proportions supported by more than 100 beers, each of which was personally tested and chosen by Milltown Beermeister Brendon Biggins. Take a moment and enjoy wading through the beer menu which is pages long, each entry coming with a brief and helpful description. Adding to the Milltown experience is an outdoor patio that provides a perfect dining spot most of the year.

open eye cafe
open eye cafe

Open Eye Cafe
101 South Greensboro St.
(919) 968-9410

Visit the Open Eye Café, owned by internationally respected coffee guru Scott Conary, and you’re in for a wonderful experience. Scott’s expertise takes him around the world to teach, lecture, and to judge coffee competitions. Fortunately for us, his first and true love is hand-selecting the coffee beans which he then roasts right here in the back of the Open Eye Café. Come sit, enjoy the town’s free WiFi, sip some truly miraculous coffee and enjoy a snack. That’s what all the locals here do.

padgett station  

Padgett Station
401 East Main St.
(919) 929-0445

The folks at Padgett Station are passionate about delicious organically grown, fairly-traded indulgences, be it coffee, cake or whiskey. The items they serve have been carefully chosen for their quality, flavor and the manner in which they were produced, proving that protecting the Earth can be a yummy experience. Treat yourself to their tasty, natural luxuries and know that you are doing something truly beneficial for the planet and its people.


Carr Mill Mall
(919) 929-6626

A local culinary experience, Carrboro’s community-owned Italian restaurant, Panzanella was created by the folks at Weaver Street Market (Carrboro’s community-owned grocery store). As delicious as the food is, the cornerstone of the restaurant is considered by many locals to be their bread, produced on site at the Weaver Street Market bakery. Crusty country French loaves, sesame-topped semolina, and focaccia, are just a few of the varieties served with dinner – and dinner is as always made from fresh ingredients which are bought, as often as possible, from local farmers.

southern rail

Southern Rail
201-C East Main St.
(919) 967-1967

Located alongside an active yet sleepy railroad line, this marvelous restaurant and bar is actually set inside vintage railroad cars. Southern Rail supplements its terrific menu with original art deco inspired murals, colorful decoupage installations, historic signage, and authentic railroad memorabilia. All of this invokes a journey through historic rail travel and pop culture across the ages. Enjoy a culinary trip through time, or sip a drink in their spacious outdoor, railroad-inspired, beer garden.


Tyler's Taproom & Restaurant
102 East Main St.
(919) 929-6881

Tyler’s is a Carrboro institution among locals from all generations, famous for many things, but especially their delicious garlic fries. Come here to enjoy a smoke-free setting that evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity. And while you’re here, try one of their 32 craft and specialty import beers they have on tap along with a full menu of traditional pub fare and seasonal comfort foods (did we mention the garlic fries?).

weaver street weaver street

Weaver Street Market
101 East Weaver St.
(919) 929-0010

The de facto center of life in Carrboro, this food co-op specializes in authentic foods from small producers and local farmers. What makes them a center of Carrboro’s community is that they manage to have something for everyone whether you shop for organic, vegetarian, or carnivorous food. In addition to the grocery store, they have an on-site bakery, a tremendous hot and cold salad bar, and fresh sushi options. And don’t miss their summer music series… free live music and dancing on their front lawn.

carr mill mall
carr mill mall

Carr Mill Mall
200 North Greensboro St.
(919) 942-8669

In 1898, Tom Lloyd built Alberta, the cotton mill that was his pride and joy, in a small town originally known as West End, as in the west end of Chapel Hill. That mill took a few twists and turns over the years, during which time the West End became the independent town of Carrboro. In 1977, five years after the mill had closed for the last time, Carr Mill Mall opened as a pedestrian mall of independently owned shops. Today, you can walk the original hardwood floors and enjoy a cacophony of fun and unique stores.

clay center
clay center

The Clay Centre Gallery
402 Lloyd St.
(919) 967-0314

Carrboro is a beehive of creativity and nowhere is that more apparent than at The Clay Centre Gallery. Tucked away on Lloyd Street, this gem is definitely worth finding… North Carolina is famous for its pottery, and here Carrboro potters display and sell their beautiful wares. The Clay Centre is made up of a group of studios, a kiln room, a glaze-mixing room, a courtyard and gallery with an emphasis on exchange among artists, collaboration, and group creative energy. The results speak for themselves. If you have the time and interest you may also take a class or schedule time to throw a pot in one of the studios. Either way, be sure to stop in and enjoy the gallery. You’re sure to be delighted.

Jesse Kalisher Gallery
jesse kalisher gallery

Jesse Kalisher Gallery
209 East Main St.
(919) 967-4300

Carrboro is home to the internationally acclaimed photographer Jesse Kalisher. Jesse’s work resides in the permanent collections of museums across America from the Smithsonian Institution to the DeYoung Museum of Fine Arts of San Francisco. Fortunately, he believes that everyone should have access to affordable art, which makes his flagship gallery perfect for Carrboro. Stop in and browse affordable matted and framed prints and ask to meet the photographer. If Jesse’s not out taking pictures he’s always happy to say hello.


nc crafts gallery
nc crafts gallery

NC Crafts Gallery
212 West Main St.
(919) 942-4048

If you want to see why North Carolina is well known for its rich tradition in the craft and creative industry then this gallery is not to be missed. The North Carolina Crafts Gallery features wonderful traditional and contemporary fine crafts made by the best artisans from across the state. Here, you’ll see a wide assortment of pottery, wood turnings, blown glass, jewelry, metal, fiber art, baskets, photography, toys, folk art and more. A delight for the senses.


118-B East Main St.
(919) 338-8023

Carrboro’s Nested is a gift shop that should be experienced as much as browsed. Every town in America should have a gift shop like this one, where the owner Jenny McMillan’s driving philosophy is to carry, “gifts so good, you won’t want to part with them.” It’s well worth the visit to enjoy her eclectic mix of unique and marvelous gifts, each of which Jenny has hand-selected to help turn her store into a gallery as much as a shop.

original ornament'
original ornament

The Original Ornament
Carr Mill Mall
(919) 933-3467

Welcome to Carrboro’s bead and jewelry lover’s paradise. The Original Ornament sports unique beads from around the world, sourcing them from places as diverse as Bali and Czechoslovakia. Whether you’re a novice or advanced bead maker, this is the place for you as they boast free beading tables, free instruction and advice. They also feature finished pieces of jewelry for those less inclined to make their own. Either way, the store is full of beads and passion and as a result, has a tremendous and loyal following.


Roulette Vinatge
118 1/2 East Main St.
(919) 933-8836

Roulette Vintage is Carrboro’s local vintage clothing store with a national reputation. With fans who live down the street as well as in Brooklyn, New York, they feature vintage clothing and accessories for men and women which date from 1930-1980. Because Carrboro loves everything local, local band tees as well as textiles, clothing and accessories by local designers are also available. If vintage is your thing, then you’ve found paradise.

townsend bertram
townsend bertram

Townsend Bertram
& Company

Carr Mill Mall
(919) 933-9712

A hometown favorite, Townsend Bertram and Company is a unique outdoor outfitter full of experts who will help outfit you for your next adventure. Whether you’re in search of a BPA-free water bottle, the perfect back-pack, or a comfortable pair of everyday walking shoes, the staff here will share their time and expertise willingly. In addition, the store’s owners and employees take environmental responsibility into account when deciding which brands and products to bring into the store. You can’t get much more Carrboro than that.



The Artscenter
300-G East Main St.
(919) 929-2787

A visit to Carrboro isn’t complete without checking the ArtsCenter performance schedule. A long-standing bedrock of the Carrboro community, The ArtsCenter prides itself on nourishing the arts, creativity and community through education, performance and exhibition. In practice, this means they have something for everyone, from painting and pottery classes and studios to live performances that run the gamut from Emmy nominated children’s musicians to bluegrass, blues, gospel music and more. The ArtsCenter has an equally diverse theater program and runs a range of terrific classes for all ages and interests. This is truly a center for the arts and one in which all of Carrboro takes pride.


DSI Comedy Theater
Behind Carr Mill Mall
(919) 388-8150

Step aside Chicago, our humble Carrboro is home the nation’s largest annual comedy festival produced by the internationally acclaimed Dirty South Comedy Theater. Owner and Executive Producer Zach Ward has trained comedians who have gone onto success everywhere from Saturday Night Live to the Silver Screen and you can watch him and his comedians perform right here in the center of town. DSI is an 84-seat non-smoking theater that offers seven shows every week – and if your comically inclined, the DSI Comedy Training Center offers new classes every month in the art of improvisation and sketch comedy. Laugh and learn with the best.


century center  

Carrboro Century Center
100 North Greensboro St.
(919) 918-7385

Community events, classes, art exhibits, events, the Carrboro Cybrary (Cyber Library) and more!

town hall  

Carrboro Town Hall
301 West Main St.
(919) 942-8541

The town of Carrboro is known for well-managed growth, comittment to residnet inout cultural diversity, activities for everyone, economic base of lcally-owned businesses, and walkability for residents and visitors.