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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's an interview with Scott Conary of the Open Eye Café that will give you an idea of what we're doing here in Carrboro.

Q. What is your official title within the café?
A. Owner, coffee roaster, International Barista Trainer & Judge.

Q. How do you think the WALKCARRBORO campaign will benefit you?
A. When Jesse Kalisher approached me & we started talking it became pretty clear that a cohesive image was needed for the varied businesses that existed in Carrboro…a way to distinguish ourselves further, in a good way, from Chapel Hill and let people know the many amazing things that can be found only in Carrboro all without getting back in your car. So the campaign ultimately has that as a goal and also to continue to spread this message in ever-widening circles outside our immediate environs, to draw people from near & far to see our wonders.

Q. Why do you feel that you need the campaign?

Again, greater visibility is important both near and far, and to let folks that care about shopping local know what their choices are and that shopping local doesn't mean they are losing out on anything, as we business folks have our finger on the pulse of the greater world around us and continually bring that to our local community to share….whether its me traveling to Guatemala to find amazing coffee to roast here & offer Carrboro, or Jesse bringing back shots of the Pyramids in Egypt.

Q. How is business doing currently?

Great! We will be turning 10 years old in May and folks are really understanding and appreciating what we are trying to do both in the world of coffee, and in & for our community. Its just going to keep getting better, especially if folks support these locals that are working so hard to share their passions as businesses. That is what distinguishes towns from every other generic place.

Q. Do you think the campaign can help downtown Carrboro compete with Franklin St.?

Its funny, I never saw it as competing…just letting folks know what great things are offered exclusively in Carrboro, and that it is all accessible by walking! No need to get back in that car! Stroll around and get connected.

Q. The campaign sounds similar to Chapel Hill's downtown partnership, which has been around for a while. Why do you think it took longer to establish a similar program in Carrboro?

I am unsure what the impetus was for the folks on Franklin street, but I think it was more backed by the town itself…this is a more grass roots effort by 5 business that have synergy and similar goals and methods, as well as being locally owned and community oriented. We hope to grow it with our other local, passionate business owners, but it will ideally be a movement that is as much about community as it is about retail….I don't get that connection from CH's "partnership", and I have a business on Franklin street!

Q. Do you feel that, with the suffering economy, this campaign is going to make much of a difference for businesses?

I see this as a long-term effort to increase awareness , not a short term shot in the arm for revenue…the businesses who are aligned here are determined to do great things for the town we live in and we see that the success of our town and our businesses are linked, so any gains in the short term are great, but entirely secondary to our larger goal of successful community building.

Q. Is there any type of business that you feel downtown Carrboro is lacking that may add to business?

I think there are a lot of complimentary busineses that exist in Carrboro that cover all the basic needs of people, all within walking distance of one another! What is lacking, and the aim of this project, is awareness of all that walkable Carrboro has to offer. Now that we have a Deli in the Old Open Eye Space, there is no need to travel far!

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